Disney Traditions Everyday Pre-order

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Pre-order for Disney Traditions Everyday items. Introduction: January 2020

Sorcerer Mickey Masterpiece
$200.00 SRP
Item 6007053
Sorcerer, Mickey Mouse, soars high above the music and marvel in this Fantasia inspired effigy. With fantastical colors and intricate designs, this Jim Shore masterpiece wraps a magical story in its wave, and will bring enchantment to your home.
White Woodland Mulan
$60.00 SRP
Item 6007061
Mulan is breathtaking, sitting on a bench in her best dress. With her excitable pup, Little Brother, bouncing in her lap and her dragon guardian Mushu in a tight hug, she's surrounded by love. Beautifully sculpted, this Jim Shore piece is a classic.
White Woodland Pocahontas
$60.00 SRP
Item 6007062
Introduction: January 2020
Kneeling on a tree stump, Pocahontas the Native American princess, soaks in the sun. With her woodland friends gathered around her, she's a natural beauty. Take home this inspiring Disney princess and witness all the colors of the wind.
Pluto and Mickey Birthday
$60.00 SRP
Item 6007058
It's Pluto's birthday! Mickey makes his favorite pal a birthday cake to celebrate, but will it make it to the birthday party? This marvelous mouse will have to keep the plate out of his dog's reach for a few more minutes at least!
Aristocats Carved by Heart
$80.00 SRP
Item 6007057
When a Parisian opera singer dies and leaves her fortune to her cats, they are kidnapped and left far from home. On their journey home they meet an alley cat named Thomas O'Malley who becomes family. Everybody wants to be a cat, even Jim Shore!