Beast Kingdom Toy Story Large Vinyl Piggy Bank: Alien Remix Party Blind Box

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The Little Three-Eyed Aliens from Toy Story sure do love a costume party. With their friends going large yet again, cosplaying is only going to get more exciting.

After the release of the original series of the three Toy Story super-large piggy banks, the Beast Kingdom team from the 'Entertainment Experience Brand' are back with a new line of four 'cosplaying', costume-party Three Eyed Alien vinyl piggy banks! Your favorite trouble making Aliens, with a fondness for saving money are back, and this time dressed in some famous Pixar character outfits including Hamm (the fun little pig from Toy Story), Nemo (the adorable little fish from Finding Nemo), Sully (the always reliable friend in need from Monsters Inc) and Boo (the cute little girl who also has a love of dress-up from Monsters Inc).

Each piggy bank is designed with a removable costume made of real fabric. The included 360-degree rotation in both arms allows for types of poses for the characters. Don't forget that a hidden, mystery character is available for collectors to find. Try your luck and see if you can find it! With a sturdy build made of vinyl, use of real fabric for the costumes, and standing at a whopping 40cm in height, the large costume party piggy banks are a perfect display piece as well as a money-saving gizmo!

Product Features

360-degree rotation for both arms
Use of real cloth for the costume, split into two removable pieces
Comes with one of four characters or a chance to get one mystery character: (Hamm), (Nemo), (Boo), (Sully)